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Petralux Black widow control mat Gravel stabiliser Flooring resine Wire gabion Wet treatment Self service Box New 20kg plastic bag
Coloured Gravels, Aricolor Marble Cubes Sands & Yellow sands (Alberos) Gravel / Crushed Gravels Pebbles and Cobbles Rockery Stones (Rocalla) Tumbled Boulders Big-sized Rockery Stones
Pine tree bark Paving Stones (Cubes) Semiprecious Stones Aquarium Stones Packing
Self service Box New 20kg plastic bag ½ m3 Bulk Bag Mixed wire cages
Black widow control mat Gravel stabiliser Flooring resine Wire gabion Wet treatment

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Gravels and Pebbles for gardening and decoration, Arisac

Petralux is the first stone that glows in the dark.
Petralux is a natural marble stone. Capable of absorbing sunlight or artificial light and emiting it in the dark for hours. This stone is ideal for gardens , signaling of pahts and decoration. Petralux is a non-toxic and envioronment respectful product.


aridos para jardin ArisacENVASADOS ARISAC, S.L.

This is a young company which is always up to date with the latest trends and innovations as regards to the market of natural stone and aggregates for decoration and gardening. Our tireless effort in search of excellence in our products and their packing on the one hand, and in the attention we pay to our customers & clients through an efficient network for distribution & advice, on the other, are our main assets in order to provide total satisfaction for our best ally, the customer.
We make the delivery and presentation of our products easier by means of different packing options available: Bulk Bags in pallets, 20-kg plastic bags, plastic boxes, depending on our customers' needs. Due to our customers' growing interest in nature, ecology, water shortage and environmentally-friendly maintenance, we have created a wide variety of products intended for gardening and decoration which are apt to help and protect the soil from erosion, dampness and other external agents that may damage it. In Arisac, we provide the gardens with a brand-new aesthetic option through a whole series of decorative aggregates and stones for gardening, such as Tumbled Boulders , Rockery Stones (Rocalla) , Pebbles and Cobbles , Sands , Yellow Sands (Alberos) , Crushed Aggregates , Pine Tree Bark , Basalt/Granite Paving Stones (Cubes) , Aquarium Stones and other natural rockery stones Big-sized .

We can certainly say that, in Arisac, we are all in for an alternative to conventional gardening and landscape: the xerogarden. Our aggregates & crushed gravels are currently being used in xerogardening, a neologism from the Greek 'xeros' (dry) and the English word 'landscape', which refers to a modern gardening technique for a more rational use of plants depending on how much water they need, a thoughtful use of xerophile plants (those ones with lower water needs) and those materials which have been designed for saving water (aggregates for gardening). Everything mentioned above, together with current watering techniques, such as drip irrigation, make it possible for you to enjoy a wonderful alternative to conventional gardening, at the same time as it clearly saves both water and maintenance expenses.

However, saving water is not the only aim of our crushed aggregates. They have got a long-term, environmental objective as well: low maintenance, since they reduce the constant use of fertilizers & other chemicals, machinery, fuel and recycling. All these advantages, together with the fact that they are easily carried and handled thanks to the different types of packing available, have made it possible for decorative aggregates and xerogardening to become the best current alternative to conventional gardening.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we should forget about 'traditional' gardening. There are endless combinations between both, and so it is with materials'.Who hasn't seen a garden with a lawn and garden boxes combined with boulders or rockery stones' That's why our sales representatives provide you with advice and useful information as regards the latest decorative aggregates, as well as the current trends referring to their use.

* Envasados Arisac, S.L. does not guarantee that the materials provided be exactly the same as shown in the pictures on our web, and cannot accept liability for the above mentioned materials once the customer has handled it or used any type of chemical treatment with it, which, as a result, may have brought about any change whatsoever, either in colour or in shape.